Kids Dot Calm provides bespoke individual and group sessions and workshops to enhance the emotional health and wellbeing of children and families. They empower children and families to gain the skills and perspective to overcome their difficulties, and we work in partnership with the child and family to achieve common goals. Life for children and […]

Joints and Points (J&P) Talking Therapy is designed to help children move on from a range of emotional and psychological issues affecting their lives. Their Talking Therapy service is aimed at under 18’s – essentially high school students. It is a treatment service for problems such as self harm, anxiety and depression but cover issues […]

Would your child like to experience life as a West End Performer? There are huge benefits gained from participating in dance lessons ranging in increased confidence to strength and physical fitness. Create Dance aims to give children the opportunity to learn and grow through dance and musical theatre. Their classes aim to inspire children, create […]

At Jack and Jill Day Nursery and Pre-School we are currently fundraising to be able to install a community defibrillator at each nursery site. Our Seacombe nursery were lucky enough to source government funding to install our first defibrillator, this is based at the Seacombe Children’s Centre on St Paul’s Road. We feel as part […]

One in ten young people in the UK, is obese, according to new research. With growing concern over obesity in Britain, the Government is challenging families to address the issue by announcing plans to reverse the “time-bomb” in children’s health with measures designed to halve childhood obesity. These include restrictions on advertising, promotion and sales of […]

According to the Mental Health Foundation, one in 10 children has a mental health problem, and 82% of head teachers have reported increasing occurrences of anxiety and panic attacks. Many more kids are growing up in homes where a family member has a mental illness. Talking to them about mental health isn’t always easy, but […]