Joints and Points Teenage Talking Therapy

Joints and Points (J&P) Talking Therapy is designed to help children move on from a range of emotional and psychological issues affecting their lives. Their Talking Therapy service is aimed at under 18’s – essentially high school students.

It is a treatment service for problems such as self harm, anxiety and depression but cover issues that might manifest themselves as any of a wide range of problems including:

Excessive worrying and poor sleep Poor motivation, low self esteem Reduced confidence, bullying, stress Issues with alcohol, drugs and gambling School related stress and absence Family issues, bereavement, relationships Stress, Panic attacks

J&P can treat children as young as 10 years of age although their core age group tends to be 15-18. At present the only treatment option requires referral to the NHS, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services by their GP. With this option there can be a nine month waiting list so Joints and Points are looking to give families another option that is more responsive and accessible.

J&P aim to improve parental awareness around child mental health issues. They are running a series of school events in the spring for families who want to know more about teenage mental health and what they as parents should and shouldn’t be doing and saying to identify, address and mitigate potential problems.  In Wirral the pressure starts early, from children doing their 11+ which can lead to excessive worry and stress and many other life changes in early adolescence that can feed into this cycle.

Events are free to attend at the company’s Bromborough headquarters and will be organised by the Talking Therapy team. Sessions are scheduled to last for around an hour with the plan to host groups of around 15 or so parents to offer advice on identifying potential problems and explaining the power of talking therapy and the benefits it can offer.

The main emphasis for teenage talking therapy is getting teenagers along to work 1-1 with the therapists to focus on normalising the growing up process and exploring fears, worries and concerns. The emphasis is on education and getting children forewarned and prepared for the teenage challenges that lie ahead. With current NHS services being oversubscribed and long waiting lists in place, J&P hope their service will bridge the gap and provide a more accessible treatment route to meet needs as they arise.

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