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Kids Dot Calm provides bespoke individual and group sessions and workshops to enhance the emotional health and wellbeing of children and families.

They empower children and families to gain the skills and perspective to overcome their difficulties, and we work in partnership with the child and family to achieve common goals.

Life for children and adolescents can be confusing, difficult and scary as they navigate challenges in their school, home, friendships and relationships whilst exploring and developing their self-identity and a sense of belonging. Supporting children and maintaining their positive emotional wellbeing is more than parents can achieve alone. Sometimes they need help to restore balance and harmony to the family and help the child to understand their difficulties and equip them with the skills and strategies to deal with them.

Children (aged 6-9 years)

Children are resilient and adaptable, and given the tools, skills and opportunities to explore and understand their experiences, they will cope with and overcome their difficulties and challenges. Through the use of talking, dolls, puppets, art and craft activities and games, the therapist acts as a guide to enable children to share and make sense of their experiences in ways best suited to their age and developmental level.

Pre-Teens (aged 10-12 years)

During this time children are stuck in a strange middle ground where they’re not little any more but they’re not yet teenagers. These pre-teen years are often the most challenging times in your child’s life. They may feel frustrated and confused about all the changes they are experiencing, physically and mentally. Parents can also have trouble dealing with and understanding new behaviours and attitudes, and sometimes families can need guidance in navigating this daunting new territory.

Teens (aged 13-18 years)

Adolescence is a time when young people begin to form an identity which will define them for a lifetime. It is a time when they experience a whirlwind of powerful, confusing feelings and emotions as they progress through huge physical changes in the brain. In combination with high hormone activity, and emotional stress caused by factors such as friendships and relationships, pressures at school, fears for the future, and pressure to conform or to look and behave in certain ways, it is no wonder that many teenagers and their parents/carers find these years to be extremely challenging.

Kids Dot Calm has the resources, expertise, experience and training to support your child and family to restore and maintain healthy emotional wellbeing and make a positive difference. Their approaches are based upon Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), behavioural and emotion-focused therapy and talking therapies, and treatment plans and techniques are adapted and uniquely tailored to each child’s culture, situation and treatment goals to meet individual needs.

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