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100 calorie snacks

Child in Supermarket trolly reaching for pot of fruitGetting children into healthy food habits and educating them so they are able to exercise good judgement and will power around food, is a battle. But as the saying goes “Nothing worth having comes easy.”

At home and in packed lunches we can control portion sizes, but we also need to look at our children’s snacking outside of meals times. Whether we’re buying packaged snacks or making our own, sticking to two snacks a day and keeping them at less than 100 calories is a really important part of that education process for children.

As a busy mum myself I know how easy it is to grab a pack of crisps or sweets out of the cupboard when junior says “I’m hungry!” And I understand the frustration that finding 100 calorie snacks isn’t easy so, we’ve found a selection for you which might help…

Homemade snacks…

  • Mix of blueberries (40), raspberries (20) and strawberries (10)
  • 4 tbsp hummus and a sliced carrot and a few cucumber slices
  • 10 almonds
  • 1 small wholewheat tortilla, 2 tbsp low fat cheddar, sprinkling of chopped white salad onion
  • Sweet potato crisps – ¼ sweet potato sliced thinly (use a peeler), toss with olive oil and bake at 180°C for 15-20 mins until crisp
  • Small bag of popcorn
  • Dipped fruit – a few (don’t go overboard!) strawberries, or tangerine slices that have had their ends dipped in melted plain chocolate and then refrigerated until hard
  • Iced grapes – pop 30 grapes in freezer bag and freeze until served
  • 3 stalks of celery stuffed with cottage cheese
  • 2 small crackers thinly spread with peanut butter

…and bought packaged snacks

  • Fruitypot – Pots of fruit piece in juice (mandarin, peach & pear, pineapple)
  • Soreen banana lunchbox loaf
  • Various crisps (25g/28g bag) – Quavers, French Fries, Skips, Square Crisps
  • Hartleys 10 Cal jelly
  • Twiglets 24g bag
  • Cheesestring
  • Muller Light 175g yoghurt
  • Nature Valley popcorn & peanut bar
  • Kellogs special K cereal bar
  • Fibre One cake bars
  • 2 Dairylea triangles
  • 5 Werthers Originals

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