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School Crossing Patrol Vacancies

School Crossing Patrol manSchool crossing patrol or the more commonly used term lollipop person are a familiar and reassuring sight to people and parents on their journeys to a from school.

Wirral council are currently looking to recruit SCPs across Wirral. To become a SCP you need a commitment to carry out the duties reliably, with care for children and due regard to other road users. Becoming an SCP is perhaps not an obvious employment choice, but it can fit well around other commitments for example self employment, study or it may be suitable for those who have retired. There are no age restrictions and the team currently includes men and women ranging from 19 to officers in their 70s. Many of the SCPs in Wirral have been in post for many years and really enjoy their work becoming valued members of the local community, the school communities that they serve hold them in high esteem and value the fact that they make journeys to and from school safer for everyone. Wirral council’s road safety team ensures that all new recruits are fully trained and as council employees they receive support and supervision. Stop and think how you could make a difference in your community.

For information on areas in need of a school crossing patrol officer please contact school crossing service on 0151 606 2151 or visit

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